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MindShift Innovation helps business leaders gain insights and actionable methods through:


Themes for keynotes, webinars and workshops. Each presentation is customized and can be tailored to customers, employees or partners.

Business Ecosystem that Adapt and Thrive
New Leadership Imperatives
Engaging High-Value Customers
Fuel Organizational Adaptive Potential

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Executive Briefs

Executive briefs focus on giving busy executives insights and perspectives for dealing with the new business imperatives brought on by rapid change and disruptive innovation.

Briefs provide an integrated MindShift framework and business case for hot topics like: social media, communities, networked brain trusts, customer engagement, co-creation, collaboration, crowdsourcing, organizational learning and design/possibility thinking.

By design, briefs are interactive and discuss the implications and opportunities for the executives’ company.

Executive briefs are usually half-day sessions involving one to five senior executives.

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Video Primers:

MindShift Leadership Development

Through our highly immersive programs, executives will:

  • Confront new and emerging business imperatives
  • Examine adaptive organizational frameworks
  • Become versed in with social computing tools for executives
  • Learn to leverage a networked brain trust as they analyze their organizational adaptive potential
  • Articulate an initiative to create competitive differentiation for their organization

Leadership today requires a radical shift from what worked well for most of the 20th century.

Executives experience a mindshift that prepares them to quickly develop the insights, strategies and tools to lead in the face of uncertainty and disruptive change.

We offer public programs of varying depth as well as customized corporate programs. All include extensive one-on-one mentoring.

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MindShift Customer and Market Development

In today’s marketplace, the most valuable customers are those who:

  • Comprehend the possibilities enabled by a company’s offering.
  • Can envision a process that will enable their organization to embrace and deliver on the new possibilities.

Our co-development programs educate teams in MindShift Innovation principles and help them apply them to attracting high-value customers.
The initiatives produce tangible results and the mentoring process instills adaptive potential in both employees and customers.

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Perspectives on a New Normal in Business: Download this paper to gain new insights into the marketplace dynamics we now face.

"MindShift Innovation is highly adept at presenting leading-edge ideas about customer behavior, rich examples of successful implementation and for guiding clients in creating actionable strategies that build customer equity.
-- Robert T. Stacey, CEO Associaton for the Advancement of Relationship Marketing