What Motivates Employees to Help Customers

Do you know how great it makes you feel when you can really help customers? Container Store Employee

The Container Store, a highly successful chain that sells products to organize and store things, starts with great employees and then makes them better.

In the career section of their website, they make it clear that they believe one great employee is worth three good ones. They hire great ones anytime they find them, not just when they have an opening. Think of how that makes a newly hire employee feel.

They are better paid than typical retail staff but the real difference lies in training — they get 16 times more training than the retail industry average! Who does the training? The president travels around the company to do his part but so do regular employees. Training is not just features and benefits of products but includes the interpersonal skills to “really help customers.”

Motivated, engaged and knowledgeable employees, what a concept!

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