Is this Bicycle Innovative

This bicycle was designed Phillipe Starck to stimulate the use of bicycles as a mode of transportation in the City of Bordeaux, France. Currently, about 10% of city transportation use bicycles. The hope is that by having a more user-friendly combo of a scooter (push to start, easy to put your feet on the ground and wait for traffic) and the efficiency of a bicycle, more people will use this eco-freindly form of transportation.

Is it an alternative form of a bicycle or is does the innovation lie in its potential to get more people using a two-wheeled for of transportation in an urban environment.

I think the latter! It is this kind of innovation that has the potential to change the way people behavior, to encourage them to be more environmentally friendly.

Does it make economic sense to innovate in this manner? If your haven’t read my post about, “Selling more by encouraging people to buy less.”

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