Adapting to Ongoing Change

At MindShift Innovation, we are focused on helping companies figure out what has changed and how to succeed in the new normal. Here is a list of resources that will help you understand:
The Need and Process of Adapting to Ongoing Change


The Management 2.0 Challenge: Part I of the Harvard Business Review – McKinsey M-Prize for Management Innovation (2011)
Organizational health: the ultimate competitive advantage, Scott Keller and Colin Price (2011)
Fortune 1000 Executives’ Perspectives on Enterprise Innovation, Harris Interactive (2010)
The Start-up of You Thomas Friedman (2011)
The New Psychology of Strategic Leadership, Giovanni Gavetti (2011)
Adaptability: the New Competitive Advantage, Martin Reeves and Mike Deimler (2011)
“Design Thinking” Isn’t a Miracle Cure, But Here’s How if Helps, Helen Walters (2011)
Structure? The Flatter the Better, An interview with Cristobal Conde (2010)
Competing Through Organizational Agility, Donald Sull (2009)
How Agile is Your Strategy Process, Yves Doz and Mikko Kosonen
Inside the Kraft Foods Transformation, Strategy & Business.
How Companies are Benefiting from Web 2.0: McKinsey Global Survey Results.
Three Forces that will Transform Management, Gary Hamel
Managing with the Brain in Mind: Neuroscience Research is Revealing the Social Nature of the High-performance Workplace,
The Competitive Imperative of Learning, Amy Edmondson
The Talent Innovation Imperative, DeAnne Aguirre, Laird Post and Sylvia Ann Hewlett,


Why being certain means being wrong, Ted Cadsby (2011)
Five Common Mistakes Business Leaders Make About Innovation, Freek Vemeulen (2011)
Job Available: No Experience Preferred, Ron Ashkenas (2011)
The Worldside Race for Human Capital. Mary Ellen Slayter (2011)
The Future of Management: Is it Deja vu all over again? Julian Birkinshaw (2011)
Effective Collaboration Leads to Better Performance, Bart Schutte (2011)
Most Innovative Companies: LinkedIn CEO Reid Hoffman on Network Intelligence, Anya Kamenetz (2011)
John Hagel on “Invisible Innovation”, Helen Waters, (2010)
Innovation Failure Points: Strangled in the Crib, Jeffrey Phillips (2010)
Imagining the Future of Leadership, Bill George (2010)
Ten Red Flaps for Innovation, Stephan Lindegaard (20100
Twitter User Evolution – Effect on Learning, Productivity, Confidence and Job Satisfaction, Maanataina Maaliskuuta (2010)
From Research Monogram to Story Telling: New Forms of Communication in the Big Shift, John Hagel (2010)
Narrative or story-based approach to employee engagement, Mark Schenk (2010)
Networking Reconsidered, John Hagel III and John Seely Brown (2010)
We have to chage the way we change, Zenna Atkins (2009)
Empathy and Collaboration in Social Business Design, Larry R. Irons
The Paradox of Excellence: Advice for a Down Economy, John I. Todor, Ph.D.
Bass Pro Shops: Customer Experience, Employ Engagement, John I. Todor, Ph.D.
A Fundamental Change in Customer Relationships: Oracle’s Announcement, John I. Todor, Ph.D.
Now’s the Time to Foster Adaptive Leadership, Agatha Gilmore
The New Reality: Constant Disruption, John Hagel, III, John Seeley Brown and Lang Davison
The Case for Insituitional Innovation, John Hagel, III, John Seeley Brown and Lang Davison


Free: The Future of a Radical Price, Chris Anderson (2009)
Fast Strategy: How Strategic Agility will Help You Stay Ahead of the Game, Yves Doz and Mikko Kosonen


The Shock of the Possible Tim Hurson (2011)
Simply Effective:Communication that Cuts Complexity and Gets Things Done, Ron Ashkenas (2011)
Open Innovation Success Factors, Stefan Lindegaard (2010)
Learning in the Digital Age, John Seely Brown (2009)
Strategy Through Turbulence: an Interview with Don Sull, (2009)

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