Push to PULL Business Practices

At MindShift Innovation, we are focused on helping companies figure out what has changed and how to succeed in the new normal. Here is a list of resources that will help you understand:
Shifting Business Practices from Push to PULL


Are you a collaborative leader? Herminia Ibarra and Morten T. Hansen (2011)
Elevate the Dialog: The Pathway to Sustainable Profits, Growth and Customer Equity. John I. Todor, Ph.D. and William D. Todor, Ph.D.
Four Ways to Use “Pull” to Increase Success, John Hagel III, John Seeley Brown and Lang Davison


How Social Media can be Used to Dialog with the Customer, Jeff Saperstein and Hunter Hasting (2010)
When Customers Tell Stories, Other People Get Engaged and Buy, John I. Todor, Ph.D.
Customer-centric Salespeople are Four Times More Effective, John I. Todor, Ph.D.
Co-creation Meets Social Media, Profits and Profit Sharing, John I. Todor, Ph.D.
Customer-centricity Hasn’t Made it to Mainstream Marketing, John I. Todor, Ph.D.
The Power of the Unconscious on the Customer Experience, John I. Todor, Ph.D.

Videos, Podcast and Webinars

Bring the Love Back, Geert Desager

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