Today’s major leadership challenge – the volatility and increasing complexity of the business environment. Yet, most business leaders acknowledge that their organizations are ill equipped to deal with it. (IBM. 2010)

MindShift Innovation helps companies adapt and thrive by providing business leaders with specific process that prepare them to face the new leadership challenges and stimulate innovation throughout the entire organization.

Our approach is based on four key tenets:

  • An outside-in approach that continuously seeks to create and deliver meaningful outcomes and experiences for customers
  • Engage employees in roles that create and deliver value to customers, rather than performing tasks or jobs
  • Facilitate collaboration across organizational units and the ecosystem to innovate and align business practices
  • Create a business culture and methods that embrace implicit learning – seeing the implication of innovation and change for creating value for customers

It is our belief that for companies to succeed in the new normal of business, they must not only gain insight in to what has changed, they must learn how to take control and seize emerging opportunities. Since change and innovation now force a constant need to adapt, organizations must become nimble, collaborative and cooperative. Our preferred role is to act as mentors who provide insights, guidance and process. Our goal is to help client companies see and seize new opportunities but equally important, we want to foster the development of internal adaptive potential.

Since the forces underlying a New Normal in business have been challenging companies for some time, many have initiatives under way. Our coaching process builds on your momentum. Our expertise enables new possibilities.

More details on how we help client companies are available under the following headings:

Executive Briefs
MindShift Leadership Development
MindShift Customer and Market Development