Executive Briefs

The more the business environment changes, the faster the value of what you know at any point diminishes…
…success hinges on the ability to participate in a growing array of knowledge flows in order to rapidly refresh your knowledge stock.
“Scalable efficiency”… …must be replaced by scalable learning.
(Hagel, Seeley-Brown and Davison, The Big Shift, 2009)

Executives briefs are focused on giving business leaders insights and perspectives into the new business imperatives brought on by rapid change and disruptive innovation. They engage executives in discussions of both the implications and emerging opportunities for their organizations.

It is nearly impossible for busy executives to keep up with what is going on, let alone pulling it together into some organized perspective. As business strategists and mentors, that’s a big part of what we do. Our insights are always unique in that we emphasis the role of people and people interaction in business. But we also constantly interact with a networked brain trust to gain diverse perspectives and to validate our views. Moreover, through our frequent interactions with business leaders our perspectives get grounded in reality.

Typically, executive briefs start with an overview of the business dynamics that are challenging business-as-usual, a discussion of the critical elements of a co-adapting business ecosystem that leads to sustainable profits and growth and examples of companies on the right track. This framework specifically addresses the business case for hot topics like: social media, customer engagement, customer communities, networked brain trust, co-creation, collaboration, crowdsourcing, organization learning and design/possibility thinking.

With this perspective as a framework, an interactive discussion focuses on the threats and opportunities for the executive’s company and industry.

The outcome is a big picture view of business challenges to help senior executives shift from coping strategies to actions that contribute to adapting and thriving. With this big picture in mind, executive can reduce the likelihood that solutions to pressing problems within an organization don’t become disconnected and misaligned from broader organizational goals.

Executive briefs are usually half-day sessions involving one to five senior executives.

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