MindShift Customer and Market Development

Increasingly, executives are finding that the winning differentiator is no longer product or price, but the level of engagement–the degree to which a company succeeds in creating intimate long-term relationships with the customer and external stakeholder.
(The Economist Intelligence Unit, 2007)

By applying MindShift Innovation principles a company can build customer trust, engagement and relationships they believe have enduring value.

Realty – the dynamics of today’s’ marketplace undermine win-win relationships. Customers are confronted by abundance, overwhelming choice, hyper-competition, declining trust and rapid obsolescence – conditions that foster customer indifference not engagement.

To cope these marketplace forces, customers most often unconsciously default to buying on the best trade-off between price and convenience, time after time. In this approach, product differentiation goes unnoticed and there is no inherent loyalty. Both parties lose.

The picture is quite different when customers become emotionally and consciously engaged in the pursuit of more meaningful experiences and outcomes.

Our MindShift Innovation programs help customers get beyond buying utility or commodities – they stimulate engagement in a process of sense making. Sense making helps customers reduce the uncertainty and complexity brought on by rapid change and innovation. As customers begin to see meaningful ways to enhance their experience and outcomes, desire goes up. When they can envision how to seize these outcomes, demand goes up and so does advocacy.

We offer three types of customized programs:

The Psychology of the Customer Experience – Typically this is a half-day workshop that provides insight into how today’s customers make decisions, what they find of value, and a process for systematically building trust and relationships customers find meaningful and worthy of commitment and advocacy. The workshop process and accompanying workbook systematically take participants from the concept to illustrative cases and exercises that help them apply them to their company.

Shift the Focus of Customer Relationships – This involves co-development and implementation of programs that put the psycho-economic principles of customer engagement and win-win relationships into action. It is based on our actionable trust model that shifts the focus from transactions to trust and value in the relationship. It can include an analysis of current customer interactions and mentoring to apply the principles.

Nurturing High-Value Customers – In today’s fast-changing and uncertain business climate a critical attribute of high-value customers is that they adapt and thrive. From a company’s perspective this means they must be able to both comprehend the potential or possibilities uniquely enabled by their offering. Equally important is that they can envision a process that will enable their organization to embrace and deliver on the new possibilities. We help companies co-develop programs that help potential customers with both the envisioning and embracing. The result: customers with increased desire for innovation, enhanced ability to successfully create and implement leading-edge practices, and greater potential for long-term relationships and advocacy.

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