MindShift Leadership Development

Most senior business leaders skills were honed in the pursuit of operational efficiency, stability and automation – a command and control environment, Now this approach can be counter-productive by marrying companies to offerings and practices that have declining relevance customers.

Today, two new leadership imperatives loom large:

the ability to envision how the challenges of change and innovation can become new possibilities for creating and delivering value to customers, and

mobilizing a highly engaged organization that quickly adapts and collaborates in the innovation and alignment of business practices to create and deliver value to customers

Successful leadership requires a new mindset and the strategies and tools to act quickly. The fast-pace of change and innovation external to a company undermines the viability of business as usual. Leaders need a plan for thriving – to get beyond coping.

Through our highly immersive programs, executives confront new and emerging business imperatives, examine adaptive organizational frameworks, become versed in social computing tools for executives, learn to leverage a networked brain trust as they analyze their organizational adaptive potential, and articulate an initiative to create competitive differentiation for their organization.

Leadership today requires a radical shift from what worked well for most of the 20th century. Executives experience a mindshift that prepares them to quickly develop the insights, strategies and tools to lead in the face of uncertainty and disruptive change.

We offer public programs of varying in-depth as well as customized corporate programs. All include extensive one-on-one mentoring.

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